Delhi Sabharwal Family - World's Largest Family of Doctors

Delhi Sabharwal Family- World’s Largest Family of Doctors

Delhi Sabharwal Family- World’s Largest Family of Doctors

Delhi’s Sabharwal family is the world’s largest family of doctors with 140 doctors. The family achieved this status as every family member has been a doctor for the past five generations.

LalaJeevanmalSabharwal the ancestor of this family took an initiation towards this because he was inspired by the speech of Mahatma Gandhi on health and built a hospital.

He insisted that all his four sons should study medicine. Dr. Bodhraj was the first doctor in the family.

Then he decided that every member of the family in the subsequent generation should study medicine and their would-be daughters-in-laws should also be doctors.

Then the family shifted to Delhi and established five more hospitals. The family bears the patriarchal name Jeevan.

The tradition in the family inspired the family so much that one of the daughters in lawswho was a biochemist at the time of marriage later decided to study medicine.

The family was recorded in the India Book of Records for achieving this unique merit. Now it is in the sixth generation following this tradition for 90 years.

The parents don’t know whether this tradition continues or not. But when a journalist asked the name of a three-year-old child in the family, the child told her name adding the prefix Dr.

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    Interesting fact , must also be a unique record. Hope this tradition continues.

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