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Was Bose alive in 1948, China?

Was Bose alive in 1948, China?

Recently declassified files are making waves as they say some surprising information regarding Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. These files indicate that Netaji was alive in 1948 living in Manchuria, China.

According to the files that were declassified by the West Bengal Government, Deb Nath Das, one of the most trusted aides of Netaji had claimed at that time that Netaji was alive.

In the files, there was an extract which was dated August 9, 1948. According to the extract, Deb Nath Das, an ex-INA leader was actively engaged in anti-congress propaganda. It said that he was preaching in political and party circles that Subash Chandra Bose was alive and living somewhere in Manchuria, China. Das stated that in order to rouse the curiosity of people, Netaji has told him before the plane crash that there is a possibility of the third world war in the wake of the Second World War.

On August 22, 1945, Tokyo Radio has made an announcement about Netaji’s death in an air crash.

However, many followers of Netaji have declined the crash theory and there were many claims of him resurfacing which intrigued and divided Indians for many years.

Even more controversy was generated when the extract stated that Bose was keeping an eye on the international as well as national scenario. Das stated that Netaji was trying to find out which country was India’s ally and which one a foe.

64 files were made public by the Bengal government in order to find out the mystery behind Bose’s disappearance.

According to the Calcutta police, Das was known to give fiery lectures against the then Indian government. He was a key member of the provisional government-in-exile formed by Bose in 1943.

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