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What BJP can do to maintain its dominance

What BJP can do to maintain its dominance

The governance of BJP so far has met with praise and criticism almost equally. In order to remain the dominant political party of India the BJP party has to do certain things. Here are few pointers for BJP to secure its place in the hearts of the people.

BJP has to realize that the loss at Delhi is disaster and move on from it. It shows that the common people of Delhi did not exactly relate with Modi. The second point is to come down from the high of victories. The loss at Delhi should serve as a reminder that not everything will go in the way of BJP.

Since the NRIs have made Modi their favourite, he should make use of it and ask them to pay. If one lakh NRIs commit to paying BJP $1,000 a year, that is a hundred million dollars of clean money annually Corruption is something that should be focused on. Having an independent CBI and CVC office to clean up corruption is a good move to win people’s appreciation.

Modi should use his background of common man and maintain his actions as per that. Modi should also control the Hindu fanatics. These extremists not only make statements they also cause a lot of trouble to people. Staying calm regarding this matter will not give any points with the people.

Image credit: BJP Protest III image by jynxzero is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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