My name is Barack 'Hussein' Obama: US Prez on why Modi 'concerns' him - Fusion - WeRIndia

My name is Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama: US Prez on why Modi ‘concerns’ him


India-US relations have been going through a rough patch. First there was the Devyani Khobragade affair that resulted in tit-for-tat measures including preventing the American Center from screening films, a restriction that has finally been quietly lifted. The US Ambassador Nancy Powell resigned soon after a belated meeting with Modi and there is currently an interim ambassador. Now there is a new spying row about reports in the Washington Post that the country’s National Security Agency had sought permission to spy on the BJP along with other parties including Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Pakistan’s PPP. India has summoned a top US diplomat to the external affairs ministry.

In a new turn, at a very exclusive fundraiser for the Democrats when one of the “fat cat donors” asked about India’s new prime minister, Obama made no qualms about his reservations an said “My name is Barack HUSSEIN Obama,” was all that he said in a reply that was pithy but pregnant in its implications.

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