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World class forensic center in India soon

World class forensic center in India soon

For any investigation, forensic examination is very important. Due to the absence of a state of the art forensic centre in India, the Delhi Police sent the viscera samples of Sunanda Pushkar to a foreign country as there was a new report which claimed that she was murdered and did not commit suicide.

In the report it had been mentioned that the death might be caused by polonium and so as to find this the samples had to be sent abroad since we lack the specified tools in India to find out about it.

It seems that the country is in a very huge need of world class forensic centre. India depending on other countries for forensics in many cases like the case of Sunanda Pushkar shows the importance of a world class forensic centre in India.

The home ministry is planning to upgrade the forensic examination centres based on the advice of many consultants. They have called experts from abroad to learn the required suggestions regarding forensics. The next month, a team of experts is likely to visit New Delhi in order to give suggestions and help in setting up of a state of the art forensic center.

Image Reference: Oneindia

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