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Women can carry knives in Delhi metro: CISF

Women can carry knives in Delhi metro: CISF

The crimes against women are increasing day by day everywhere in the country.

The mass molestations that happened on the New Year day in Bengaluru, the Garden City shocked many citizens.

Not only in Bengaluru, but many places in the country are witnessing such incidents.

Even security and police remain in a helpless state in some instances.

Crime rate against women is on the rise and the nation capital is surpassing other cities in it.

It is very difficult to protect women from the abuses, molestations and assaults which are being increased in recent days.

Reports show a shocking increase in crimes against women in many public places including metros even though a carriage in each train is dedicated to women only.

In order to protect themselves women are now permitted to carry knives in Delhi metro trains by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). CISF also notified that that ban on lighters and matchbox has been lifted.

Passengers can carry tools as well from now on in Metros.

These are permitted upon the constant request from laborers who travel daily in Metros.

CISF stated that these are permitted after proper reviewing that these tool cannot cause any threat to the safety of other passengers.

There are 54 items in the restricted items list of the Delhi Metro including flammable items, knife, sword, gun etc.

Now, women passengers in Delhi Metro trains can carry knives of length not more than 4 inch for their protection.

All who carry these tools and small weapons should have to record their details with the security at the stations so that they can be traced if needed.

The security personnel can even refuse the carrying of such tools if they observe any threat with the passenger by carrying those tools.

While most of the women welcomed the decision of CISF some others sacked it stating that as stupid and ridiculous.

Image credit: Image by shekhar sharma from Pixabay  (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/metro-nuova-delhi-metropolitana-355255/

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