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Wife accused in Rohit Tiwari case

Wife accused in Rohit Tiwari case

Delhi Police arrested Apoorva Shukla Tiwari, the wife of Rohit Shekhar Tiwari for killing her husband.

Rohit Shekhar is the son of the late veteran politician ND Tiwari.

Apoorva was sent to two-day police custody.

It is not a pre-planned murder as per the available sources. It happened accidentally. The Police says that unhappy marriage is the motive behind the murder.

The autopsy report stated that Rohit was smothered to death. The postmortem report says that the death occurred on April 16 within two hours of his last meal at around 11:00 p.m.

The couple got into a fight on the day i.e. on April 16. The argument got heated when Rohit was drinking alcohol with a woman relative.

Both argued over her. Rohit had been drinking continuously throughout the journey from Uttarakhand to Delhi. Hence, he was not able to resist.

During the fight, Apoorva pounced on him, smothered, and choked him with a pillow.

After that, she wiped all the evidence within 90 minutes, says Additional Commissioner (Crime) Rajeev Ranjan.

In addition to the argument, a property dispute was also behind the murder as per the Police.

Apoorva confessed to the crime. In the interrogation, it was found that the couple had a turbulent marriage.

Rohit and his family were at the thought of separation. In the meanwhile, this incident happened.

Apoorva is practicing as a lawyer in the Supreme Court. Despite being questioned on the death of her husband, she had not answered properly.

She gave different statements which led to the suspicion of her involvement in the murder.

After the death of her son, Rohit’s mother Ujjwala alleged that Apoorva and her family were covetous people. They wanted the family property.

Image credit:  Delhi Rajpath 3 – police image by juggadery is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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