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Unregistered Internet-based Taxi services likely to be banned

Unregistered Taxi services

The Delhi government has decided to ban unregistered internet-based taxi services. The taxi driver of Uber who allegedly raped a passenger was arrested and the services of Uber are banned in Delhi.

The home ministry has called all state governments and union territories to ban all taxi services that are not registered with the transport department. In this context, majority of cab services such as Taxi4Sure,Ola, TaxiPixi and others that operate through apps are to be banned. The government put the list of radio cab services which obtained license in Delhi. They are Easy Cab, Meru Cab, Chanson Cab, Mega Cab, Yo Cab and Air Cab.

All other cab services that operate through web-based technology and are not recognized are banned from providing services in the NCT of Delhi until they obtain permission from the Transport Department.

The services of Radio taxi are registered with the state Transport Department in a different scheme which does not comprise cab services that operate through internet. Hence they have protections which other services don’t have.

Radio taxis require a call centre round the clock and GPS to track the taxis. The GPS can alert the system when it is turned off or is tampered by someone. It hires drivers who have badges issued by the government after police verification which is compulsory. Another thing that differentiates Radio cabs from the other services is that it owns the cabs it operates, which is mandatory to obtain a licence to operate.

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