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Bangalore braces for transportation strike

Bangalore braces for transportation strike

In anticipation of a strike called by private taxi and bus associations on Monday, September 11, the majority of private transportation services in Bangalore are expected to come to a halt.

To mitigate the disruption caused by the strike, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has plans to deploy additional buses, recognizing that Monday is a typical workday for commuters and IT professionals.

The strike has been declared by the Federation of Karnataka State Private Transport Association, representing 32 member unions. The association has put forward a list of 30 demands to the state government.

These include the prohibition of bike taxis, financial aid for drivers, and the integration of private buses into the Shakti program.

Private transportation providers assert that the Shakti scheme, offering free bus travel to women in Karnataka, has severely impacted their businesses.

They have sought the inclusion of private buses in the Shakti initiative and compensation for their incurred losses.

Karnataka’s Transport Minister has stated his commitment to addressing the concerns raised by the protestors and intends to discuss them with the Chief Minister.

During the strike in Bangalore, several services will remain closed. Some of them are private airport taxis, ride-sharing services like Ola and Uber, autorickshaws, and private buses.

However, essential services such as ambulances, pharmaceutical delivery vehicles, public transport (BMTC buses and the metro), banks, and food delivery services will continue to operate.

Regarding schools in Bangalore, despite expressing support for the strike, the Associated Management of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka has not declared a holiday for its member institutions.

The association’s general secretary clarified that while some schools, particularly those in the Central Business District area, have opted for a holiday, there is no universal closure for all schools.

Parents are advised to make necessary arrangements for transporting their children to and from school.

As Bangalore prepares for the strike, commuters and residents are urged to plan their travel accordingly. This is due to the temporary suspension of private transportation services. However, essential public services continue their operations.

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