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Why Triple Talaq ban is so important

Why Triple Talaq ban is so important

Islamic tradition is full of conventions that exist in order to oppress and control women, but few of these are more prevalent than the Triple Talaq.

According to this tradition, if a husband says the word “Talaq” three times to his wife, then the two of them are automatically divorced.

Many Muslim countries have banned the validity of this practice, even including Pakistan. However, it has still been considered a legal practice in India, and modern technology has allowed it to be used in cruel ways.

A husband might divorce his wife by saying the word thrice over the phone, or by typing it thrice through social media. However, this has all finally changed on August 22nd, 2017.

Last Tuesday, the Supreme Court of India passed a judgement to make the Triple Talaq unconstitutional, with a majority of three to two. At last, this threat constantly hanging over the heads of Muslim women can be taken away.

Many women have had to live their entire married lives with this fear always upon them, the fear that their husband would say this one word three times and end their marriage forever.

It would be that easy to end years and years of marriage for good.

This threat was so imminent for Muslim women that it even deterred several young women from getting married, or even going looking for men with whom they could spend their lives. There was too much of a possibility that any man whom they found would have the potential to get angry and end their marriage in an instant.

However, all of that will soon be a memory of the past for Indian Muslim women.

Married women will feel safe in their marriages and unmarried women will feel safer in finding a man to marry.

All in all, this judgement will finally allow Muslim women in India to breathe easy.

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