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Taj’s colour, white or yellow?

Taj’s colour, white or yellow?

Usually, white is the colour that you associate with Taj Mahal as soon as you hear its name.

But, it does not appear pure white. So, now it is a curious question ‘what is the actual colour of this iconic structure?’

Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world is in news once again. This time, the historical monument came into spotlight due to the government’s decision of conducting a stereography to determine its exact colour.

Yesterday Modi’s government decided to conduct a stereography after it has been rebuked the Supreme Court.

The bench of Judges from the Apex Court in the earlier month stated that Taj Mahal is turning brown and green though its original colour is yellow.

The Court asked the government why the monument’s colour has been changed. In this regard, the government wants to find out the actual colour of it.

The study is performed by viewing two identical photos of this monument to form a single 3D image through a stereoscope.

Mahesh Sharma, the Union Culture and Environment Minister said that pictures of the Taj will be compared for two different periods of time; one is the images of the monument that were taken more than 100 years ago and another picture is the recent image taken after cleaning the monument. This comparison helps the government measure the changes.

Several environmentalists alleged that Taj Mahal has been polluted by the gases and deforestation around the surrounding areas. As a result, its glory is damaged.

Earlier on Sunday, the central government adopted a Taj Declaration’.

In order to make 500-metre area around Taj Mahal litter-free and terminate single-use plastic, the declaration had been adopted by the government.

This is the pledge taken by the government to protect the iconic structure.

Image credit: Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/eU4pipU_8HA

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