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Supreme Court crèche opens

Supreme Court crèche opens

A crèche has been opened by the Supreme Court to help female staff employees. The crèche became functional on Wednesday. The first entrant to this crèche was a two year old girl who was greeted by the Chief Justice of India HL Dattu himself.

The two year old who entered this crèche was met by the CJI himself. He was waiting with chocolates and flowers in hand to welcome the first guest of the Supreme Court crèche facility.

He told the girl’s parents that he was excited to receive the first entrant who seemed sleepy-eyed. As soon as the girl entered, she lost her sleepy eyes and became excited. The girl enjoyed her chocolates and played with soft toys and a doodle board. Her mother who was a Supreme Court registry staff was happy and relieved that her child was enjoying the new atmosphere.

The mother has two children with this girl being the young one. It poses a problem for her to leave her young daughter when she goes to work. The crèche provides a safe environment for the child to be left in.

The crèche was built with the guidance of RAK Child Study Centre at Lady Irwin College. Children can find a playroom, a resting room, a kitchen and a toilet here. In order to supervise the children, there are four trained staff members.

The crèche is a reform measure to help more women lawyers easily continue their job even with children. It can accommodate 10 children. SCBA secretary Aishwarya Bhati stated that this is just a beginning to support women professionals. She said that the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) is planning to get a bigger space for crèche in the new building which is coming up for Registry officials.

This new crèche will support even more women professionally.

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