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Sharing morphed pictures on social media can get you jailed

Sharing morphed pictures on social media can get you jailed upto 6 years

There are many jokes shared across social media these days. But beware what you share as it can get you into trouble. There have been some anti-social elements posted in social media in order to spread hatred in the country. These posts have cause some controversy as well.

Now, Mangalore police are making sure more it won’t spread. They are booking people forwarding or sharing derogatory jokes, videos and morphed pictures on social media with a malicious intent under the Section 505 of Indian Penal Code.

If the person is found guilty under section 505, he might get punishment up to 6 years or fine or both. The police are saying that this decision was taken to reduce crime. Chandra Sekha, city police commissioner said that they are already in the process of charge-sheeting three people in different cases from. The accused have supposedly spread rumors on social media platform in order to create tension in society says the commissioner.

The police of Mangalore decided to take strong steps after several police personnel received such hateful messages. They even received information of violence. However, after verifying it, it turned out to be hoax.

The police said that such problems won’t happen anymore and that anyone doing such mischievous things will be arrested and tried under sections available under IPC 505. The commissioner also said that it is quite easy to find information related to the poster using technology these days.

There were also other incidents where police arrested people under Section 505 of the IPC. Two youngsters were arrested under the same section in Madhya Pradesh for forwarding morphed images of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.

According to section 505, people who make, publish or circulate any statement, rumor or report with the intent to cause or actually cause fear or alarm to the public will be held liable for it. The punishment for it can be three to six years of imprisonment or be charged with fine or both.

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