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School instructs on the innerwear colour of girl students

School instructs on the innerwear colour of girl students

Despite protests of parents, several schools have been forcing to implement their instructions.

Collecting more than prescribed fees, huge amounts in the name of extracurricular activities, huge baggage etc. which is a burden to many.

In addition to that, some schools don’t even have secured drinking water facility for their students. As a result, students carry a half litre or one litre water bottles and drink. That means they are not drinking enough water for their requirement which leads to several health issues.

The worst is that many are not providing proper toilet facilities as well. Most of the schools do not even focus on basic facilities.

Now, in a recent incident, a reputed school from Pune issued instructions on the colour of innerwear of girl students.

The Maeer’s MIT School issued a diktat yesterday stating that the girl students are supposed to wear white coloured or skin coloured innerwear to school.

Parents are confused on this directive as to why they should obey this command. Moreover, they are forced to sign the diktat on the diary of their children to obey the rule. As a result, they staged a protest.

The parents also alleged that the school is not allowing girl students to use toilets by telling them not to use it multiple times. Students of each class are allowed to use washrooms or drink water on allotted slots only.

Parents also state that they had approached the Director of Primary Education with their complaints.

But the school supported its decision saying that there is no other intention behind this rule except the safety of the girl students.

The executive director stated that the main intention behind this diktat is very pure. This directive has been issued based on the past experience only but no hidden agenda is there behind it, the school says.

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