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SC lifts ban on sale of crackers in Delhi

SC lifts ban on sale of crackers in Delhi

In the wake of alarming pollution in the National Capital Region (NCR), several measures were taken by the government and the courts in the past. Banning the fire crackers is one among them.

But, the Apex Court revised its decision as Diwali is ahead. New guidelines were issued to sell or use firecrackers in Delhi as well as NCR. Earlier the licenses including wholesale and temporary were suspended.

Now, the suspension of permanent licenses was lifted by a bench of Justices. However they have to comply with the rules of the Supreme Court.

The Court also stated that the decision might be reviewed if needed depending on the air quality after Diwali.

The following are some of the important points in the guidelines issued by the Apex Court:

The number of temporary licenses should be reduced by 50 per cent of those that were given last year and capped at 500. The authorities can decide in which areas the temporary licenses can be given.

No crackers should be burst in the ‘silence zones’. These include hospitals and nursing homes, primary and district health care centres, courts, education institutions, religious places or any other places that are declared as a ‘silence zone’ by the concerned authorities. The minimum distance should be 100 metres away from these areas.

A study will be conducted on the effect of bursting firecrackers on people’s health during the festivals of Dussehra and Diwali.  A committee is appointed for this and the research report would be submitted by the end of the year.

The transport of fireworks from outside into Delhi or the NCR is prohibited as adequate fireworks are available in these regions.

The concerned authorities will monitor and restrict the entry of additional fireworks into the regions until further orders are given by the Court.

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