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Russia’s Sputnik Light, a single dose vaccine for COVID-19

Russia’s Sputnik Light, a single dose vaccine for COVID-19

The existing vaccines are administered in two doses to protect against COVID-19. But, Russia authorized a single-dose vaccine, Sputnik Light, against COVID-19.

It is the single-dose version of Sputnik V. The two doses of Sputnik V demonstrated 91.6 per cent of efficacy. But, the single-shot Sputnik Light showed 79.4 per cent of efficacy.

The results were concluded from the data taken from people who underwent Russia’s mass vaccination program. They were studied and conclusions were drawn 28 days after the administration of the COVID vaccine. However, the vaccine has not yet been approved by FDA or EMA.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which supported the vaccine financially, said that as the single-shot vaccine exhibited around 79 per cent of efficacy, it would benefit a large number of people in a shorter duration. The company said that Sputnik Light would be exported to their international partners for faster administration of mass vaccination. As the cost of the vaccine is less than $10, the vaccine can be afforded by many.

Sputnik V has been approved by more than 60 countries. India is one among them.

As the Sputnik V vaccine is produced in India, Sputnik Light can also be produced with the same production capability.

Five Indian companies signed with the RDIF to produce 850 million doses of the vaccine in the country, to be exported to other countries, apart from the use of the homeland.

Over 20 million people from all around the world have received their first shot of Sputnik V.

Sputnik Light can also be used as a booster dose for other vaccines; however, it needs additional trials.

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories in the country is going to market and distribute Sputnik V. The company is into the clearance process for 250 million doses, which is expected to be finished in the next week. The vaccine will be rolled out in the country after that.

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