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Rat fever outbreaks in Kerala

Rat fever outbreaks in Kerala

Kerala has been battling with the worst floods for more than a fortnight. Now Kerala is struggling with the outbreak of rat fever, a bacterial disease.

More than ten people died due to leptospirosis in Kerala since August 1. As per the reports of media, the death toll reached 39 very quickly.

High alert has been issued in the state as around 719 suspected cases are there. Out of them, 302 were confirmed with rat fever.

Leptospirosis or rat fever is a water borne disease which transmits from animals to humans. The risk of getting this disease is high during floods.

It is quite common in the state to see some cases of this disease every monsoon season due to the filling of water in paddy fields. Farmers are more prone to get this infection particularly if they have any wounds or cuts.

But, this time it is spreading fast as per health officials.

Kozhikode has been reported with the maximum number of cases. A special isolation ward has been opened for the patients at the Kozhikode Medical College hospital.

The main symptoms of rat fever include fever and muscle pain. It can be treated with common antibiotics.

Preventive medicine has been distributed by health ministry in order to control the spreading of disease to other places. In addition to that, every hospital is provided with the stock of necessary medicines.

The health minister suggested people to take necessary precautions and a course of doxycycline.

Around two million people would have come in contact with the flood waters as per the report of health officials. Hence, all of them should have to take preventive care.

The floods affected around 55 lakh people. 13,000 people are still in relief camps. 14 people were still missing, and around 483 people lost their lives from the beginning of the monsoon.

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