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Railways to introduce Spittoons

Railways to introduce Spittoons

Public spitting is a major nuisance in the country. Though authorities are taking various precautions, they are not succeeding to the full extent.

Indian Railways is one of the major victims affected by public spitting. It spends ₹1,200 crores to clean the stains of paan, tobacco, and gutka spitting each year.

In this regard, railways wants to introduce spittoons to discourage public spitting. These biodegradable spittoons are reusable and can be used up to 15 times. Besides, they contain seeds to grow into plants when they are disposed of.

Railways decided to set up vending machines at 42 stations for selling these spittoon pouches. For this, Western, Northern and Central railway zones awarded contracts to a startup, EzySpit.

The startup has started setting up vending machines at different railway stations.

EzySpit pocket-sized spittoons are available in the range of ₹5 to ₹10. Railway passengers can use these as many times as they want during their train journey as they are reusable and can fit into pockets.

Railway authorities say that establishing kiosks to sell spittoons at railway stations enable passengers to stop spitting on the premises. At present, spitting in railway premises attracts a penalty of up to ₹500.

EzySpit spittoons are available in three different variants – pocket pouches, mobile containers, and spit bins. Pocket pouches can be reused 10 to 15 times, and containers for 20 to 40 times.

EzySpit spittoons have macromolecule pulp technology and contain a material that binds with bacteria and viruses present in saliva. This material absorbs the spit and turns it into a solid.

The material mixes with soil after their disposal. The seeds in these spittoons will grow into plants.

Thus, this green initiative controls spitting in the premises of railways and promotes the growth of trees.

Image Credit: Ezyspit Website Screenshot

Image Reference: https://ezyspit.in/

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