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PMC to install garbage collecting ATMs

PMC to install garbage collecting ATMs

To collect recyclable waste from people, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) decided to install garbage collecting ATMs in association with Delhi-based startup Ecomax Go.

The standing committee of PMC approved the plan of Ecomax Go. Hemant Rasane, chairman of the standing committee said that the startup would install 40 ATMs in a phased manner in the next three years.

The startup will install ten ATMs soon in Pune for the collection of recyclable waste like plastic and glass bottles, plastic wrappers etc. The collected garbage in ATMs will be disposed of in a scientific method.

The ATM will be set up in 6×4 space. Each kiosk costs around ₹6 lakhs. The machine will have three screens. They will provide information on machine usage, advertisements of the municipal corporation, and advertisements of other companies.

These ATMs will be set up in places where they are accessible to a maximum number of people. The PMC will provide land for establishing these ATMs. There will be other facilities like the purchase of a new SIM card and tickets for buses, trains and movies, a facility to open a new bank account etc., near the ATMs.

As recyclable waste is collected at garbage collecting ATMs, they will reduce the burden on the door-to-door garbage collection.

To participate in this initiative, people need to register through their mobile number. They have to specify the type of waste.

People will be paid for the disposal of recycled waste. An amount of ₹1 is paid per plastic bottle and ₹3 for a glass bottle. Similarly, ₹2 is paid for a metal can, and twenty paise for a plastic wrapper. Citizens will receive the money through their bank account.

Delhi and Varanasi have these garbage collecting ATMs. They are already operational in these areas. Now, Pune also wants to introduce these machines and wants to reduce the garbage collection burden.

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