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PM recommends 10 Asanas on International Yoga Day

PM recommends 10 Asanas on International Yoga Day

The International Yoga Day began with the initiation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The entire world will be celebrating the third International Yoga Day tomorrow.

Tomorrow, PM will join in various programmes in Lucknow. Several schools, colleges and offices from all over the country participate in International Yoga Day celebrations.

More than 50,000 people are expected to participate in the event at the Ramabai Rally Ground in Lucknow.

More than 200 countries are participating in the event.

In this regard, PM Narendra Modi on Twitter shared about 10 yogasanas that are helpful for overall health with the citizens.

Here is a list of ten asanas:

Vajrasana aids in digestion and stomach disorders. It soothes your mind.

Sitali Pranayam cools your body. It lowers the Pitta element in the body.

Nadi Shodhan Pranayama relaxes mind and relieves tension. It regulates body temperature. It is very helpful for respiratory problems.

Shashankasana relieves depression and sciatic pain. It improves the focus and concentration of brain.

Setu Bandhasana strengthens back. It improves circulation and digestion. It relieves backache and headache.

Ardha Halasana treats gastric disorders. It is very beneficial for arthritis and lumbar spondylosis. It improves the function of circulatory system.

Uttanpadasana strengthens gastric, back and thigh muscles. It is beneficial for diabetic patients. It helps in reducing weight.

Bhujangasana improves mood and digestion. It strengthens shoulders, arms and spine. It revitalizes the heart and brain.

Shalabasana strengthens shoulders, neck and lower back muscles. It is very effective for sciatica and backache.

Pawanmuktasana improves the efficiency of internal organs. It is very beneficial for indigestion, constipation, stomach bloating and acidity. It relieves tension in the lower back. It soothes spine.

In order to create common awareness in the citizens, the Ayush Ministry has issued Yoga Protocol booklet.

It contains detailed description of various asanas including model sketches.

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