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PM promises full support to Muslim community

PM promises full support to Muslim community

On Monday, the PM Narendra Modi has promised full support from him to the Muslim society.

He promised he would fully support in addressing grievances of all sections of Muslims society. He emphasized on making the social conditions better and helping them meet their educational requirements.

He stated his views when he was called by a delegation of Muslim leaders and discussed their issues related to community.

They shared their concerns in their community.

They promised to work towards strengthening harmony between communities and thereby increasing the strength of the nation.

“The Prime Minister gave a patient hearing to the delegation and assured them of his full support in meeting grievances of all sections of the Muslim society,” a PMO statement said.

The PM has stated that there is a huge need for the empowerment of Muslim youth to help them play a bigger role in building nation.

Modi has also assured the Muslim leaders regarding their grievances on shrines, mosques and madrassas.

The Muslim leaders also committed their full support of the community to Modi in helping him meet his objectives of ensuring speedy economic growth, community harmony and peace.

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