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12 year old Muslim girl wins Gita Champion League

12 year old Muslim girl wins Gita Champion League

Maryam Siddiqui, a 12 Muslim year old girl from Mumbai has surprised everyone by winning the Gita Champion League contest. Maryam, a VI class student has defeated nearly 3000 students in the written competition regarding Bhagavad Gita. The competition has been organized by International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskon) in January this year.

In the 100 mark multiple choice questions based test, the girl has won the first prize. The test is made to see the knowledge of children regarding the holy scripture of Hindus, Bhagavad Gita. Maryam has stated that she has been very interested with religions and that she often read about them during free time.

When her teacher told her about this contest, she saw it as an opportunity to learn more about the book. Her parents too supported her decision.

Maryam is a student of Cosmopolitan High school. Asif Siddiquik, Maryam’s father states that their family believes that all religions must be respected and there should be no hatred between religions.

Maryam stated that humanity is the ultimate religion. She states that in her free time she likes to engage in conversations regarding the meaning of religion with her parents.

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