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PM Modi launches 5G testbed

PM Modi launches 5G testbed

Prime Narendra Modi launched a 5G testbed yesterday. It is the first 5G testbed in the country. This indigenous 5G testbed has been developed by eight institutes led by IIT Madras. It is a multi-institute collaborative project to support Indian startups and industries.

India has 3G and 4G telecom networks at present. However, they are ready to launch 5G soon. In this context, a 5G testbed has been launched by PM Modi.

Due to the lack of a 5G network here, the startups and companies were going abroad to validate their products for installation in a 5G network. From now, there is no such need.

Thus, the testbed aims to reduce dependence on foreign companies and enables startups and local industries to test and validate their products locally.

The cost of the establishment of this testbed is nearly ₹220 crores. It is crucial for self-reliance in the usage of modern technologies.

In other words, it will be beneficial for them to validate their products, solutions, prototypes and many more in 5G indigenously without relying on foreign companies.

Besides, it also helps increase internet speed. In addition to that, it will create many new jobs. Thus it impacts the country’s governance positively and eases the lives of people. It also helps ease of doing business.

After inaugurating the 5G testbed, PM Modi said it would promote growth in various sectors like health, infrastructure, agriculture, and logistics. PM hopes it will resolve connectivity issues, which is vital for the country’s development.

PM urges companies, researchers, startups and others to utilize the facility. It will boost India’s economy.

An estimation says that it will add $450 billion to the economy. India moves rapidly to modern technologies. Modi said that a team has started working to roll out a 6G network by this decade.

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