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PM Modi inaugurates Bio-CNG plant in Indore

PM Modi inaugurates Bio-CNG plant in Indore

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a Bio-CNG plant in Indore. This will be the largest Bio-CNG producing plant in Asia, with a production of 18,000 kilograms of Bio-CNG every day. In addition to that, it will produce 100 tonnes of superior quality compost daily.

PM Modi virtually inaugurated the plant on Saturday. The plant was supposed to be completed in 18 months. But, authorities finished it in 15 months despite the challenges of COVID-19.

The Bio-CNG will be used to run 400 city buses, which are being run on diesel now. The plant produces fuel on a large scale. Hence, the fuel will be available to Indore municipal corporation at cheaper rates than the market rate. As per estimation, the cost will be at least ₹5 less per kg than the market rate.

Indore Municipal Commissioner Pratibha Pal says that they aim to make Indore, the cleanest city of India, to be more strong. This plant has been built for effective waste processing by converting the waste to Bio-CNG.

He added that around 1,100 tonnes of garbage is generated in the city daily. Out of that, 600 tonnes of garbage is household wet waste, which is used to generate fuel at the Bio-CNG plant. It has a capacity of 550 MT. It produces CNG with 96 per cent pure methane gas.

The plant will run on a Public-Private Partnership model. As the Municipality provides garbage to produce CNG, it will receive ₹2.5 crores as a premium from the company for the next 20 years.

The Commissioner also said that the plant has been established on the concept of waste-to-wealth to generate biogas through wet waste.

While half of the fuel will be used to operate public transport vehicles, the remaining fuel will be openly available in the market.

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