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PM Modi announces E-migrant portal for expats

PM Modi announces E-migrant portal for expats

Now, Indian expats can get financial help in case of trouble. They can get help even in fighting legal cases. This new helpline was launched under a new scheme by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He announced that a welfare fund for diaspora is planned to be setup for their benefit. The fund will be used to help them legally in order to deal with problems. The announcement was made in a gathering of 50,000 Indian expats in the Dubai Cricket Stadium. He also added that the Indian mission in UAE has set up an e-migrant portal for the sake of Indian migrant workers. They also launched an online platform called ‘MADAD’ to assist the diaspora.

The PM stated that it reached his attention that there were some technical problems with the e-migrant portal. He instructed the Indian embassy in UAE to solve the technical issues with the e-migrant portal in a month’s time. He said that he is sure the Indian embassy would solve the problems.

Modi assured that he would personally look into other problems faced by Indian diaspora like school admissions. He told the embassy to increase the number of schools there. He instructed the embassy to hold counsellor camps once a month at places with heavy contingent of Indian workers. These camps are aimed at solving their problems.

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