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Phone bills might go up for Swachh Bharat?

Phone bills

In order to create more funds for the Swachh Bharat drive, the government is planning to levy a cess on telecom services. This could increase your phone and internet bills. The attorney general has argued against this Swachh Bharat Cess on telecom spectrum as it would be illegal.

However, he has suggested that this Swachh Bharat cess can be levied by amending the Finance Act. It is not possible for the DoT to levy the cess for the purpose of Swachh Bharat by way of an executive order. If this cess has to happen, it needs to happen through a legislative backing.

As for the opinion of telecom industry, COAI, the telecom industry body has opposed to the cess. Rajan S Mathews, director of COAI stated that they are not in favour of it because of the burden it will cause consumers. They added that this is against the government agenda of providing affordable service especially when government is talking about increasing rural broadband and internet penetration.

He further added that this will tough for them too. They would have to work out tax on calls per minute and also make some technical changes in networks.

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