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Oxford vaccine to cost ₹1000

Oxford vaccine to cost ₹1000

People all over the world have been waiting on bated breath for a vaccine to cure the highly infectious COVID-19. The pandemic which took many lives and destroyed many economies might finally come to an end with a vaccine.

Oxford seems to have produced apparently the most effective vaccine for the disease. As the world is eagerly waiting, it would appear that the vaccine would cost ₹1000 at maximum. This was announced by the CEO of Serum Institute of India, Adar Poonawala.

It is announced that healthcare workers would get this first by around February 2021 and the general public would have access by April.

Poonawala said that every Indian will get vaccinated by 2024. He said that there are many factors which make the vaccination process take so much time. The supply is one of the issues. Furthermore, the budget is important for the massive task of inoculating every Indian. People should be willing to take the vaccine quickly as well.

Regarding the price, the government would be getting the vaccine for around $3 or $4 as they would be buying in bulk. Poonawala adds that they are making their vaccine much more affordable than any vaccine in the market at the moment.

According to him, the vaccines for children would have to wait until the safety data is out. However, COVID-19 is not serious for children in general. Children might be carriers of the disease which can be dangerous to the elderly. For this reason, they are aiming to vaccinate the elderly first as they are the most at-risk group.

The SII is planning to make about 10 crore doses per month from February 2021. The vaccines are stored at a temperature of two to eight degrees celsius. This temperature is perfect for the cold storages of India.

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