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Now, you can’t play loud music on KSRTC buses

Now, you can’t play loud music on KSRTC buses

It is quite common for many people to keep phones on speaker mode to play music and movies during journeys. Only a few people use earphones to play music, but most of them do not follow travel etiquette.

They keep their mobile phones in speaker mode.  Though it disturbs other passengers, several people ignore it. Besides, if anyone objects to their action, they argue with them. It is a common scene in several buses. Even the RTC staff are also not able to convince them. But, now, watching the news or movies loudly on a bus is not possible.

The Karnataka High Court issued orders on this matter. As per the order, passengers travelling on Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) buses have been barred from playing music, songs or movies on mobile phone speakers.

While hearing a PIL against this type of noise pollution during the journey on RTC buses, the HC issued these orders. The PIL asked the directions of the court on this matter and asked its intervention to protect against sound pollution while travelling in RTC buses.

The PIL requested the court to restrict the use of mobile phones for playing songs and movies in a loud volume which disturbs other passengers while travelling.

The court issued directions to the transport department in this regard. As per the directions, the bus conductor will first ask the passenger who is causing sound pollution to switch off the speaker mode. If the passenger does not listen to it and continue playing, then the person is asked to deboard the bus. The bus will be halted till the person gets off. Another thing is that the person who caused trouble to other passengers cannot claim a refund on the fare even though he/she gets off the bus.

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