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NITI Ayog fixes target for digital literacy

NITI Ayog fixes target for digital literacy

In order to make the country literate digitally, NITI Ayog has fixed the target to achieve it by 2022 or 23.

In other words, everyone in the country should have the basic digital literacy by learning to work on computer, smartphone and laptop.

It is suggested to focus on schools and colleges to achieve this target.

In the wake of these suggestions, it is noteworthy that several citizens in the country do not have computers, laptops and smartphones. Hence, the government needs to focus on this.

The target is to achieve complete digital literacy in India by 2022-23 by focusing more on schools especially on primary schools and colleges.

It is suggested that the National Digital Literacy Mission must focus on primary schools initially.

However, for advanced digital education, high schools and colleges may be contacted.

The aim is that the students that are digitally literate can help make their family members digitally literate.

Using computer hardware will also help improve digital literacy.

Several IT companies are helping to achieve the target of digital literacy by training not just students but their guardians as well.

So far, nearly 10 lakh students are reached out by these IT companies under the digital literacy campaign.

Several people are in the opinion that digital literacy provides better employment and better jobs.

That’s why several students are learning various computer courses including programming to improve their job opportunities.

But, the aim of the government is not just to educate students, but all the citizens of the country to progress in this tech-era.

Digital literacy helps them move forward by grabbing latest opportunities. However, whether it can be achieved or not is a doubt as several of them do not own a computer or smartphone.

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