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New Education policy of NDA government

New Education policy of NDA government

The NDA government has taken unique initiative to make a new education policy by involving common people in the decision making process. The new policy aims to change the old procedures and bring transparency in the process.

The government has come up with this new measure in order to meet the changing dynamics of the growing requirements regarding the quality of education.

On the website, a session has been started where general public can hold discussions and express their views and give any suggestions regarding the new education policy.

The aim of the session is to address key problems like creating affordable education for everyone, free education for girls, education that serves the need of a student, need of holistic education which ensures literacy, life skills and employability, strengthen higher education, develop world class skilled-workforce, abundance of fund for educational schemes and policies.

This unique measure has been announced by Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Smriti Irani while talking about the need for revamping the policy. The minister has assured that the new policy will be formed by December of this year. She stated that the country’s education policy was only determined by few experts which is to change soon.

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