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Modi’s 10-point agenda for disaster risk management

Modi’s 10-point agenda for disaster risk reduction

The Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction has been started in New Delhi with an inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi talked about various issues related to the topic. When he was addressing, he said that women are the ones who have to suffer the most in any disaster. He said that women have unique strengths and insights.

Modi continue that this is the reason more women volunteers should be trained to meet the special needs of women affected by disasters. Continuing about the need for women experts, he said that the world needs more women engineers, masons and volunteers etc.

Modi said that India is ready to share its space technology or resources with other countries who are trying to deal with disasters. Regarding, the effects of disasters on economy, he said that everyone should focus on innovation.

He asked the other nations to encourage more women to take part in disaster management work. Modi presented a ten-point agenda to deal with disasters. He added that a network of universities should be developed to effectively deal with disasters.

Here are the ten points he presented:

  1. 1. The principles of disaster risk management must be embraced by all development sectors.
  2. 2. Risk coverage should reach all with the starting point of poor households to SMEs to multi-national corporations to nation states.
  3. 3. More involvement and leadership of women should be encouraged in disaster risk management.
  4. 4. Risk mapping should be invested globally. Standards and parameters have already been accepted by everyone when mapping risks related to hazards like earthquakes.
  5. 5. Technology to be used to make disaster risk management efforts more efficient.
  6. 6. A network of universities to be developed to work on disaster issues.
  7. 7. Social media and mobile technologies to be used to full extent.
  8. 8. Build on local capacity and initiative
  9. 9. When a disaster occurs, opportunity to learn about it must not be wasted. Every disaster results in paper lessons which are rarely applied.
  10. 10. Better cohesion in international response to disasters.

Image credit: PM Modi meets Chandrakant Kulkarni image by Narendra Modi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Image Reference: https://www.flickr.com/photos/narendramodiofficial/27553066093

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