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Modi to continue his stance on CAA

Modi to continue his stance on CAA

After the controversial bill of the Citizenship Amendment Act was passed by the Modi government, there have been protests all over the nation.

Despite the protests and the controversy, Narendra Modi has stated that his government will stick to their decision.

Modi, who was addressing the public at Varanasi, stated that he believes the country needs strong decisions.

He said that the nation wanted more decisions like abolishing of Article 370. He said that his government is working for the best interests of the nation.

During his one-day long visit to Varanasi, Modi has also started off 50 projects worth ₹1254 crores. On top of that, he flagged off the Maha Kaal Express by IRCTC.

He announced the Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya to the nation while also unveiling the 63-feet tall statue of the RSS ideologue. The statue is now the tallest statue of the leader in the country.

Modi stood by his decision on CAA and dismissed the protests against it as sources of anarchy. He said that the nation should not protest against a bill that was passed by the parliament.

Furthermore, he targeted the opposition party in his address. He said that they are using their own narratives for the sake of votes.

After the passing of the bill, many people across the nation have protested it. The law grants citizenship to non-Muslim minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.

As the bill includes everyone except Muslims, it has been met with a lot of controversies. Many states have also raised their concern against the CAA bill.

Modi stated that citizens of India will not be affected by the bill regardless of their faith. He bashed Congress about the idea of saving the constitution by referring to the past emergency that was placed in the country.

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