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Modi meets Amit Shah to finalize cabinet

Modi meets Amit Shah to finalize cabinet

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to swear-in tomorrow for a second term, several ministers from his previous Cabinet are likely to continue in their positions.

In this context, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Amit Shah yesterday. As per the sources, most of the former ministers would continue in their ministries. Their ministerial berths will be confirmed based on their performance hence they been asked to prepare a 100-day action plan for their respective ministries.

In addition to that, Amit Shah would join the Cabinet. The discussion is going on this matter whether he should join the government. If the party decides to welcome him to the Cabinet, the Home Ministry would be given to him.

Earlier, Modi said that all the ministers would be given positions as per their performance and ability, hence, there is no need to guess on their ministerial positions.

However, Arun Jaitley, the finance minister is not well, hence change can be anticipated in his ministry. Changes are likely to be seen in the top four ministerial positions like Finance, Defense, External Affairs and Home.

In the meantime, considering the importance of Amit Shah in the wake of upcoming elections in some important states like Haryana, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Delhi and later West Bengal, the party should give a key position to Shah in the Cabinet.

Different views are there in the party on it. Some feel that Shah should be welcomed to the Cabinet due to his efforts while others think that he should strengthen the party until the completion of the upcoming elections.

If Amit Shah joins the Cabinet, then some other key person would be handed over the party president’s role. The names for this post include Nitin Gadkari, JP Nadda, and Rajnath Singh.

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