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Mangalore – India’s first startup district

Mangalore - India’s first startup district

Very soon Mangalore will be declared as the country’s first startup district. This is a new initiative by the central government to encourage students to spend their creativity in entrepreneurship.

As part of this initiative, the government has decided to locate incubators at two reputed institutes in the district under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

These incubators were started under the Startup India programme last year. They will be built at the National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, and NMAM Institute of Technology, an engineering college under Nitte University.

NITK or Karnataka Regional Engineering College as it was called in the past is a state-run institute which has many successful alumni. NMAM is a private sector institution under the Nitte group of institutions. Both of these universities have helped many talented people grow in their careers. These incubators might encourage that talent even more.

This initiative wants to encourage startups to provide innovative solutions for challenges that are special to India.

So the startups are supposed to do more than just develop apps. In the incubators, students will be encouraged and provided with what is needed to come up with innovative solutions in various sectors like health, education, agriculture, and infrastructure.

According to Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Mangalore will be officially made the first startup district of India in the coming few weeks.

The central government expects that this will help more students to take a step into entrepreneurship.

The incubator labs will be a source of inspiration for startups across the country. The StartupIndia initiative has a fund by the central government to help startups. This fund is about to go up in number to help fund more eligible companies in the next financial year.

All of this shows the government clearly wants to improve the number of startups from India.

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