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Majority of Indians prefer work from home

Majority of Indians prefer work from home

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to allow their employees to work from home. At the same time, employees are also working from home happily.

Despite the jokes that have been makings rounds on social media on work from home, a survey states that majority of Indians prefer the work from home option.

Initially when employees were forced to opt for work from home, several of them were troubled due to lack of infrastructure facilities like a suitable computer system, fast internet connection, continuous power supply, desks, chairs etc. at their home.

However, with time, several of them could solve these issues, and most of them adapted to the facilities they have.

In this context, The Mavericks India surveyed on various things and work from home option. 720 people participated in the survey from different regions of the country.

54 per cent of the survey participants said that they love work from home option. In fact, they prefer this option in the future also. Out of them, 34 per cent are ready to accept a 10 per cent salary reduction if they are provided with work from home option indefinitely.

56 per cent of people believed that their productivity has been increased due to work from home. Compared to junior executives, senior executives noticed that their productivity has been significantly increased.

The survey also focused on other things related to COVID-19. The participants said that fear of COVID-19 has been decreased since April. In April, around 66 per cent of the people had the fear, which was reduced to 39 per cent in October.

The survey stated that the sharpest fall was seen in Chennai, which was 28 per cent. However, in Kolkata, the percentage had been increased from 54 per cent in April to 62 per cent in October. The participants also believed that it would take at least a year for the economic revival and normal situation in the country.

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