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Jaitley: AAP government costly experiment for Delhi

Jaitley: AAP Government Costly Experiment For Delhi

Arun Jaitley, the finance minister has slammed the government of Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP government stating that people want governance and not controversy. He stated that those who want to rule Delhi don’t want to govern.

Jaitely says that the people of Delhi experimented with a new party in the elections, but it is a very costly experiment because governance is not their political agenda.

Jaitley was speaking at Delhi BJP’s executive committee meeting. He was obviously referring to the various controversies surrounding the AAP government, especially the tussle between Kejriwal and Jung. He said that the people of Delhi want governance and the ruling dispensation must understand it.

He continued that, whatever is happening in Delhi in the last few months seems to be painful. The AAP government came following a huge mandate. They should understand their responsibilities. People want governance and not controversy. So they should understand their responsibilities and fulfil people’s expectations, he said.

Jaitley has said that Delhi could have been turned into a global city as there is a lot of potential for business and tourism.

Manish Sisodia vowed that he will never surrender in the turf war between AAP government and lieutenant-governor Najeeb Jung. He stated that the roles are defined. Delhi has a government and not the President’s rule. He added that everyone should simply read the Constitution.

Image Credit: Deccan Herald / CC BY 2.0

Image Reference: https://www.flickr.com/photos/144157974@N04/35623632595/in/photolist-WgWqRZ-xvtTxg-j4dVmB-kMhDFx-qaFShB-FJ4T3y-FPXkzd-EWZPCM-FJ5JTq-EWZ9yK-FLnVjZ-EWNGrW-FPXsGE-FSfgsD-Fs8wLC-FLoCAX-FSfupk-FJ5GbG-FSfanT-FLo4k8-C1Nafb-FSf1v4-HMatRm-HQcAJr-ZuJVZY

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