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Promises made by AAP

Promises made by AAP

AAP has achieved a tremendous victory. One of the main reasons for its victory is the promises it made to transform Delhi.

Delhi Janlokpal Bill

This bill is one of the most revolutionary as it is designed to give power to investigate and prosecute people charged with corruption.

Swaraj Bill

This bill is promised by AAP to give powers to the people. The decisions which will affect the local community will be taken by the citizens and then carried out by the secretariat.

Full statehood to Delhi

One of the boldest promises by AAP is to give full statehood for Delhi. This means that bodies like DDA , MCD, and Delhi police will be accountable for Delhi government.

Electricity bill cut in half

AAP has promised that they will cut down the prices of electricity by half.

Discom portability

Consumers will be provided with choices to choose electricity provides.

Delhi as a solar city

AAP promised a shift towards solar energy usage in Delhi.

Water – a right

AAP promised that every citizen will get access to clean drinking water at an affordable price. They want to make it a right for every citizen. They are also planning to give up to 20,000 liters of water per month to every household.

Image Reference: Times of India

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