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Intl children’s film festival theme is ‘Digital India’

Intl children's film festival theme is ‘Digital India’

November 14 to 20 holds the 19th International Children’s Film Festival of India (ICFFI). The festival which is to be held in Hyderabad has the theme of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ initiative.

The festival is being organized by the Children’s Film Society of India (CSFI) along with the Telengana government. CSFI is also planning a simultaneous screening of children’s films in nine districts of the state.

1204 entries were received for the 19th ICFFI which is the highest ever. In the past two years, it received 894 and 748 entries. The specialty of this year is that all entries have been source by CSFI directly without hiring any outside agency or having any curator.

CFSI CEO Shravan Kumar has stated that this year’s International Children’s Film Festival will be unique in several ways. The theme that was chosen is unique as ‘Digital India’ initiative is about revolutionizing the country.

The entries of the festival were called since April 2015 and so far there were 1204. This is the highest number of entries ever received for the festival which again makes this year’s edition special. There are many feature films and short films in the entries. Entries to the festival came from 80 different countries.

Information and Broadcasting Secretary Sunil Arora and Rajiv Sharma, Chief Secretary, Government of Telangana, reviewed the preparations along with the CFSI Chairman Mukesh Khanna. They conducted a meeting earlier this month in Hyderabad to decide about the preparations.

The countries from which the films were received include: Russia, India, Argentina, UAE, Taiwan, Belgium, Australia and Slovakia.

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