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India’s alliance with solar-rich countries

India's alliance with solar rich countries

India is set to make a strong move towards low carbon growth by proposing an alliance of solar-rich countries in Paris on November 30. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be attending the inaugurals of the climate summit organized there.

This announcement was made on the occasion of the India-Africa Forum Summit. In the announcement, Modi has asked the solar-rich African countries to join alliance and work as a business bloc in the solar energy sector. The alliance would help improve the sector both in terms of finance and technology.

Modi spoke at the inaugural ceremony of the third India-Africa Forum. He personally invited the solar-rich countries to join an alliance. He has proposed to launch the alliance in Paris on November 30 at the time of COP-21 meeting.

He announced that the goal of the alliance is to make solar energy an integral part of people and help the technology reach every village and community. The expectations are that almost 107 countries will be joining this alliance to improve solar technology. Modi has announced the possibility of forming such an alliance in January when he was addressing first meeting of his Council on Climate Change.

The alliance is to be launched in Paris and it will show the global communities all around the world just how sincere the effort of developing nations is towards fighting climate change. The conference will be attended by the likes of the US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the inaugurals. The conference is called 21st Conference of Parties (COP-21).

The conference is set to end on December 11. At that time, the countries are to sign a legally binding global climate agreement to jointly deal with the climate-damaging carbon emission. Modi stated that when the sun sets, the homes in India and Africa should be able to light up.

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