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Indians in Saudi crisis resolved

Indians in Saudi crisis resolved

The crisis regarding hundreds of Indians being jobless in Saudi Arabia has been resolved happily. The requests of Indians have been accepted and officials there have been directed to address the issue in two days. This was announced by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in Parliament.

Stranded Indians will be provided with exit visas by the Saudi government. The workers who have been living camps will be provided with free medical facility and food. The Saudi government will also allow those eligible to seek re-employment with other companies said Swaraj in suo motu statements in both the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha.

She happily announced that the ruler of the Saudi took notice of the problems of Indian workers. She says this is a satisfactory resolution to the matter. Swaraj also thanked the Saudi King and his government for their resolution.

She also said that the relationship built between Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the Saudi King and the developed relationship between the two countries during his recent visit helped with this outcome.

Swaraj’s deputy V K Singh has been camping in Saudi for a few days. He will return after finishing the formalities for the Indian workers. She recently informed Parliament about the crisis in Saudi and talked about what is being done by the government to help out stranded workers.

The Saudi government has not only agreed to give exit visas, but also offered to pay the expenses to transport them to India. Swaraj said that the government of India will not have to spend a penny on the transport.

For those workers who can find another job, Saudi government also gave permission to continue their work. The Indian workers will register their claims of unpaid salaries and other dues with the Labour Office of Saudi Arabia. The dues of the workers will be cleared with the help of Indian Embassy in Riyadh and the Labour Office of Saudi Arabia.

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