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Indian scientists: Time for brain gain

Indian scientists: Time for brain gain

Recently it was found that India had more brain drain than any other Asian countries. Indian scientists moved to U.S. more than scientists from any other Asian countries. In order to find ways to change this brain drain to brain gain, around 50 young Indian scientists have gathered in Boston. The aim of their discussion is to get the best minds of India back to the country.

Mallikharjuna Rao Komarneni from Guntur stated that in India there won’t be a money constraint if one has a good science project. He added that India’ research opportunities and environment to do scientific research has improved a lot.

Scientists like Komarneni and others gathered together for a three day Young Investigators Meeting which was held at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

In order to convince many scientists among the gathered audience, many India academic institutes from India including IITs, gave presentations. They also held meetings with the Indian scientists who want to go back to India.

Ajikumar Parayil, president & director of Young Investigator Meeting (YIM) in Boston stated that the event is part of their aim to change the brain drain of India into brain gain. He was the organizer of the event. YIM is a non-profit organization which is managed and operated by volunteers from Boston. It was founded by MIT/Harvard Indian-origin scientists and entrepreneurs in 2009.

Ever since its inception, YIM has been trying hard to achieve brain gain for India. So far they have held six annual meetings similar to the one held recently. They deserve credit for 90 young Indian scientists going back to India so far.

Dr Shahid Jameel, CEO of India-British joint venture Welcome Trust DBT India Alliance stated the trend of Indian scientists going back to India is going fast. He added that more and more scientists are going back to India these days. He says that is due to the improved environment for scientific research in India.

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