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Indian scientist wins the Whitley Award

Indian scientist wins the Whitley Award

Dr. Pramod Patil, a passionate wildlife conservationist, recently won the Whitley Award (or the ‘Green Oscar’). He won this award due to his dedicated work associated with saving the great Indian bustard. Here are some of his thoughts.

The award which is known as the ‘Green Oscar’ is a very prestigious international nature conservation prize. It is worth £35,000 (approximately Rs.35 lakhs) in project funding. This award is given to conservationists from developing countries to support projects based on their contribution to science and community.

Dr. Pramod Patil was given this award at a ceremony at the Royal Geographical Society, London, in honour of his work to protect the enduring great Indian bustard.

When asked about his life, he said that he was curious about birds as a kid and that he even participated in a bird-watching camp organized by WWF-India. However, there was a gap after that.

Initially, he said he felt a sense of responsibility that he says he can now fulfill along with the pressure of expectations that he faces. He says that after that, it is followed by happiness. This award is important in many ways as it gives recognition to a person’s work at the worldwide level.

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