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Indian Army launches Secure Application for Internet

Indian Army launches Secure Application for Internet

The Indian Army launched Secure Application for Internet (SAI) for a safe and secure internal communication.

SAI is an indigenously developed application. It is similar to WhatsApp, SAMVAD, Telegram etc.

SAI supports end-to-end secure communication including voice, text and video calling on Android platform.

The Indian Army developed this indigenous application to promote Atmanirbhar Bharat.

With the development of this app, the Indian Army can securely communicate among themselves and need not depend on external apps.

Usage of external applications for internal communication among army officials may pose a security threat. Considering the threat involved with the mobile applications, the Indian Army banned 89 applications which are being used by its personnel. Some of them include Facebook, Truecaller, Instagram etc.

The intention behind the ban was to protect sensitive information of the country from getting leaked through communication among the workforces.

Now, the Army has developed an in-house application which is safe and secure for internal communication.

Colonel Sai Shankar of the Indian Army developed the application. CERT-in empanelled auditor and Army Cyber Group examined the app. The defence minister also reviewed the application and congratulated the developer for his work.

At present, it is available for Android users. The work is in progress for the iOS platform. Besides, the Army is working for filing Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and hosting the infrastructure on NIC.

SAI not just promotes secure internal communication among the armed forces, but also helps manage administrative works. Some of them are monitoring land encroachment, managing cantonment roads etc.

At present, many management and other infrastructure-related functions are consuming a lot of time as they are being done manually. Some of these processes often remain to be ineffective. In this context, the development of SAI boosts the functions of the Army.

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