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Army builds remote-controlled Trolley to prevent COVID-19

Army builds remote-controlled Trolley to prevent COVID-19

To help healthcare workers deliver essential items in the quarantine centres and isolation wards, Indian Army developed a remote-controlled trolley.

The Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers of the Indian Army designed a remote-controlled trolley to supply essentials to healthcare workers and others.

The ADGPI Indian Army shared this information on Twitter and showcased the design of the trolley.

The design of the trolley is simple and useful. They have already tested the design and improved it a bit.

The trolley is equipped with a washbasin and a dustbin. It also has a storage space so that it can be used in hospitals and isolation wards.

The trolley has electronic wheels and steering hardware to be operated remotely and moved in the required direction.

As part of their COVID-19 controlling measures, Indian Army designed this remote-controlled trolley.

The trolley ensures social distancing by delivering essential items from a distance of 100 feet.

Thus, this trolley is ideal to be used indoors. Since the trolley delivers essential items, there is no need of more staff to enter isolation wards and quarantine rooms. And thus, human interaction can be minimized.

As everyone who enters isolation wards should have to wear PPE, the trolley can lower the number of PPE kits needed in these centres.

The fewer number of healthcare personnel in the wards, the lesser the risk of human contact and the chance of getting infected. Thus, this trolley is helpful in fighting against COVID-19.

Earlier in the month, Indian Army announced that it was developing innovative products to help healthcare workers who are in the frontline.

The Army aims to make low-cost products as well. These products include hand sanitizers, face masks, thermal scanners, anti-aerosolisation box and many more.

Image Reference: Indiatimes

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