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India wins 4th Sultan of Johor Cup 2014

India wins 4th Sultan of Johor Cup 2014

India won 4th Sultan of Johor Cup 2014 on Sunday in Malaysia under the captaincy of Harmanpreet Singh. This is second time for India to win the title. The under-21 hockey team defeated Great Britain with 2-1 score and took revenge against Britain for its defeat in league matches. Harmanpreet Singh made double goals. Thus, India is recognized as the first country that achieved the Title for two times consecutively.

The tourney had started in 2011 and the first Trophy was won by Malaysia. Germany was the winner of Trophy in 2012. And the 3rd and 4th Trophies were won by India. However, India needed to sweat a lot to win the title as the players did not use the opportunities and penalties they got. At one stage of the game, both teams were equal with 1-1 score with the goal made by Britain player Samuel French. But at last, Harmanpreet used the penalty obtained and made another goal.

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