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India Successfully Launches GSLV MK III


India successfully launched the heaviest and the most powerful rocket on Thursday at 9.30 AM and recorded another victory in its account. GSLV MK III is the heaviest launched vehicle ever made by ISRO. It is the latest generation vehicle.

ISRO Chairman states that the first stage of test-flight has been successfully completed and next the developmental flight will be performed in the coming two years. The module of the crew separated from the rocket at an altitude of 126 km. Then it re-entered into the earth’s atmosphere at 80 km. The crew module weighs 3.73 tonne and the rocket is 630.5 tonne. It consists of two active stages; solid and liquid propulsion stages namely S 200 and L110. The separation had been smooth in both these stages according to S. Somnath, the project director of GSLV.

The cryogenic engine of the rocket C 25 X is in a passive state. The suborbital test-flight was performed majorly to test the flight authentication of the launch vehicle and its new telemetric systems.

The flight also tested the parachute deployment system of the crew module. This parachute deployment system needs to work in a cluster formation to slow down the module and minimize atmospheric friction and thermal collision during the free fall stage.

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