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India exposes Pak at UN

India exposes Pak at UN

India has once again exposed Pakistan during the United Nations debate that the latter has an agenda of promoting terrorism in South Asia.

India has made all efforts to expose Pakistan during the debate on all Disarmament and International Security Agenda. The comments made by Pakistan of the Permanent Representative on India were also given strong replies from India at the UN. India stated that Pakistan, which itself has a non-proliferation track record filled with obstructionism, calling India’s policies hegemonic is ironic.

India’s strong response came after Pakistan told the United Nations that India’s policies were causing problems to the security environment of South Asia.

Siddhartha Nath, India’s Disarmament Conference counsellor said that the main reason for the disruption of peace and stability is the active promotion of terrorism and uncontrolled expansion of fissile material production and delivery systems for nuclear weapons. Doing such things under the guise of a deeply disturbing and with strong link between state and non-state actors can be the real problem for disrupting security.

During the debate, India stated that Pakistani links were clearly found regarding the nuclear proliferation linkages active today. India asked that the whole of international community must stand against countries which are constantly violating codes and are causing nuclear threat and proliferation risks.

The conference for Disarmament happened in Geneva. Pakistani Permanent Representative to the UN Tehmina Janjua said India is pursuing hegemonic policies in South Asia and that India is trying for military domination which is causing instability in the entire region.

After Janjua, a Pakistan Foreign Office statement said that the recent aggression by India and the irresponsible behavior by it endangered South Asia’s security environment. He said that India engaged in in a relentless arms build-up and refused to have meaningful conversation regarding security issues which is causing problems in the region.

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