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India is building a nuclear city: American Journal

India is building a nuclear city: American Journal

India is building a top nuclear city secretly to unsettle its major neighbouring countries, Pakistan and China.

As per the report of one of the prominent American Foreign Policy journals, India is building a nuclear city aiming to produce thermo-nuclear weapons and improve the country’s nuclear power.

The American Foreign Policy magazine in its report states that to upgrade its nuclear powers, India is developing a nuclear city in Karnataka near Mysore.

The magazine says that the city which is being developed to build the nuclear power of India is located in Challakere. By doing so, India aims to disturb its surrounding countries China and Pakistan, the magazine alleges.

The name of the city was revealed by the magazine by stating the quotes of a former White House official who said in statement that the progress in Challakere is being monitored continuously.

The report of the magazine says that the construction of nuclear city will be completed in 2017 and the city would be the largest military-run complex in the country with atomic-research laboratories. It also will have nuclear centrifuges and weapons- and aircraft-testing amenities.

The investigative report of the magazine claims that the ambition of India in building this city is controversial and as per the retired Indian government officials and independent experts who are living in Washington and London, the drive behind this city is to make India possess excess stock of improved uranium fuel which is used in new hydrogen bombs or thermonuclear weapons.

The magazine further alleges that India wants to significantly improve its explosive force.

And this might be seen as a provocation by its neighbouring counties especially China and Pakistan and they might also try to improve their nuclear power to counter it.

However, the report of the magazine does not have any official response from either India or the US. It just quoted statements of some retired government officials without mentioning their names.

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