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India calls for quick action against Nice attack terrorists

India calls for quick action against Nice attack terrorists

The terrorist attack in Nice, France has been a shocking and horrifying incident. India reacted to the attack and asked the international community to work together and eradicate the problem of terrorism. India called for a fast action against the perpetrators, organizers, financiers and sponsors of terrorism act in Nice, France. The deadly truck attack left 80 people killed.

Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari spoke at the plenary session of the 11th Asia-Europe Meeting Summit in the Mongolian capital. He said to that all the countries are facing unprecedented levels of threat from terrorism. He talked about the unfortunate events in France.

He told everyone that there should be more cooperation to deal with this threat fast and effectively. He asked everyone to pledge to work together and remove the scourge of terrorism using fast methods against agents of terror.

The attack being referred to happened at a Bastille Day celebration in the French city of Nice. A truck ploughed into a crowd watching a Bastille Day fireworks display. According to reports, 80 people were killed. France President Francois Hollande called this a terrorist attack on revellers.

The ASEM summit was attended by many European leaders. All the leaders observed a minute of silence to mourn the death of innocent people.

Ansari talked the early adoption of Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism under the aegis of the UN. He asked the ASEM support for it. The Vice President also called for collaboration between countries to ensure protection global commons like the seas and oceans.

Ansari talked about how disputes should be resolved peacefully without the use of force. He said that there should be self-restraint in the conduct of activities which can escalate disputes or affect peace. He said that since India is a State Party to the UNCLOS and urges all parties to show utmost respect for the UNCLOS. UNCLOS establishes international legal order of the seas and oceans.

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