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India to build indigenous supercomputer

India to build indigenous supercomputer

Now-a-days India is making strides in all fields. India has developed many indigenous satellites and missiles. It has many successes in science and technology as well. The success of Mars Orbiter Mission is the most remarkable moment for India in recent days. Under this mission, India successfully reached the Mars in its first attempt with which it grabbed global attention.

Not just that, India successfully positioned its seven navigation satellites to replace GPS.

Now, India stepped a foot ahead. It is going to get an indigenously built super computer by the end of next year. It will join the world’s topmost technological countries with this achievement. At present, US, China, Japan and the European Union have top super computers in the world.

India’s first supercomputer will be built by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing. The super computer is named as Param. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary in the Ministry of Science and Technology stated that the super computer will be built to take part of government’s prestigious programme. The programme worth Rs.4,500-crore is aimed to make innovations in technology and take India into a leading league of nations. India has technology and experts to build super computers. With this mission India will cross another major mile stone in technology.

Indian government approved this prestigious proposal to build a super computer indigenously. The programme, National Supercomputing Mission has a plan of building 80 supercomputers in the next seven years. Though some of them will be imported, most of them will be built indigenously. As per the statement of Ashutosh Sharma, the first super computer is expected to come by August 2017.

He added that experts are working on the programme to control the heat for these. The estimated expenditure to run these supercomputers will be approximately Rs.1,000 crore. It is the cost of power to run them.

These supercomputers will be placed in various institutes throughout the country. The super computers can serve many purposes including weather forecast, climate modeling, discoveries of drugs among others etc.

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